I am a natural light photographer living in Kitsilano Vancouver. I think Vancouver is the greatest city in the world however I  spend a lot of my year exploring our beautiful planet and travelling as often as I can!

As far back as I can remember I was enamoured with photography. Instead of a typical little girls room covered in posters of her favorite pop-stars, my walls would be covered in black and white photos and postcards from around the world. I would search through old photos of my family, take them to our local photo store and get them enlarged and printed in black and white and hang them all over my walls. I guess this was an early sign that my life would end up revolving around my love of photography, travel and my family.

A huge part of my life is exploring the amazing world we live in, sometimes that means going as far as Africa sleeping next to lions (yes I did this!) or can be as close to walking down to Kitsilano beach to take pictures of the drift wood on the shore. Finding the beauty in every day life is such a big part of being a photographer. To see and capture the small moment between my newly married couples or the emotion in the eyes of a bride when she first turns around and looks in the mirror.

These are the things that make me love my job. I hope to share with you the joy I get from capturing these amazing, candid, beautiful moments.

xo Whitney




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